My brother is an 8-year-old child with Autism. He is highly sensitive when it comes to sensory processing and although he is high functioning, his interpersonal skills are very low. He was not able to have a conversation or talk in sentences before receiving treatment at HHHC. His awareness of the world around him was also almost non-existent. We heard about HHHC while at Long Wharf where he receives speech therapy. The woman who recommended this center spoke very highly about HHHC and assured us that we would see positive improvement within my brother. We immediately called and scheduled a consultation. Once we arrived, we felt very welcomed; the people of the center were very welcoming and calming.

After the first session, we noticed how comfortable my brother felt at HHHC and how excited he was to come back. We knew this because he said ‘Nicky’, the specialist who gives my brother his neurological treatments. So far, he has received 6 treatments and we noticed improvements after his second treatment. We noticed that he started responding to questions he was asked instead of repeating what he was asked. He became aware of the fact that he was being asked a question and he also started giving two word responses. Before this, he would usually say one word, never two or more.

After his 3rd treatment, we noticed his awareness was increasing. He started becoming more present when being talked to and a part of the conversation versus being in his own world. After his 4th treatment, we noticed his sensory sensitivity was improving. He never once was able to get a cleaning at the dentist and for the first time in years, he was able to get a cleaning! Even the dentist was shocked.

After his 5th treatment, he went to Puerto Rico for vacation. While being there, he started responding with four or five word sentences, something he has never done. He just received his 6th treatment yesterday, and we are excited to see more improvements within him!
— MO
We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for Renee’s help! She is truly amazing with both me and my daughter and continues to help us so much. I can’t thank her enough!
— SS
I have a crazy schedule so my hours aren’t always the best. This makes it hard to maintain any kind of treatment. The staff prioritized my needs and made sure that I got time slots that worked for me. I am halfway through treatment and I have never felt better.
— AS
Years of headaches and chronic migraines- now GONE! Since starting neurofeedback 3 months ago, I have not had one headache. A miracle!! Thank you Renee!
— SB
After my Theta healing with Tara, I immediately felt lighter. Since the healing, I have gained clarity with business issues I was struggling with and a new positive outlook on life which I seemed to have lost before the healing. I could recommend working with Tara to anyone who feels “stuck” in life and unsure what to do. Tara is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and I am thrilled to have met her!
— AL
I love coming for treatment!! The environment is calming, the décor is amazing, and the staff is kind and welcoming. When I do the BRT chair, I don’t want to leave! I always feel relax and rejuvenated afterwards.
— C
I met Tara at a very low and difficult time in my life. Each time I walked into her office I was hunched over and feeling defeated. At the end of our sessions I walked out rejuvenated and full of hope. She is kind, understanding and gentle, yet tough when she knew I needed it. Tara opened up doors to me that I never knew existed and I will be eternally grateful to her.
— MD