Art Therapy is utilized with individuals throughout the lifespan: children, adolescents/teens, and adults. It is an integrative mental health and human services practice that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship. Art Therapy bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind, bringing to light mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks and creates greater focus on areas on concern. Creating art can offer a means of expression of ideas and worries that may not be accessible to the client in words. It can externalize and make tangible ideas, concerns, and unfolding material that arises. The use of Art Therapy can enhance mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Engaging in art-making in a therapeutic setting can spark imagination and support integrated learning through the use of varying materials and providing different sensory experiences.



Intake: $175

Session 60 min: $150

Session 45 min: $125

*In-Network for Anthem and Husky

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