We provide outpatient mental health treatment to individuals throughout the lifespan: children, adolescents/teens, and adults. We use a wide variety of psychotherapy modalities and mind-body practices, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), person-centered therapy, play therapy, trauma treatment, energy healing, meditation, essential oils, and therapeutic breathing. In addition, we use holistic and mindfulness strategies to increase psychological flexibility and adaptation.

Types of Therapy We Offer:

  • Individual: This therapy involves only the patient and the therapist.

  • Marital/couples: This therapy is used to help spouses and partners that are struggling with aspects of their relationship. This type of therapy is also used to facilitate a couple with enhancing communication, behaviors, and coping skills.

  • Family: Because family contributes to the overall health and well being of it’s family members, it can helpful for the family unit to participate in sessions in order to understand what their loved one(s) is going through, understand each other’s perspectives, and improve coping skills and communication.

  • Group: This therapy involves the group leader (therapist) and a group of patients. Patients are able to share experiences and learn that others feel the same way and have had the same or similar experiences. Click here for more information.



Intake: $175

Session 60 min: $150

Session 45 min: $125

*In-Network for Anthem and Husky

For more information or to schedule your appointment, call us at (203) 691-1685